Pretty much one hundred percent

Purify cleans the air and surfaces in your home without relying on filters

Purify transforms pollutants into fresh air

The Purify air purifier guards against pollen, animal allergens, and city pollution, ensuring clean and fresh air for you to breathe.


Cigarette smoke is 10x more polluting than diesel fumes, and fireplaces weaken your immune system.


Mold smells bad and harms your health causing respiratory issues, headaches, and fatigue.


Purify removes bad smells. It’s like the crisp fresh air in the forest when it rained, or by the sea.

Bad air quality

80% of houses in Sweden fail to meet the minimum air exchange rate (AER) standards.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gases from things around you like furniture, carpets, plastic, computers, TVs, and printers.


Allergen substances from pollen and pets cause allergies and can trigger asthma.

Different rooms, samehealth-promoting cleansing power

The Purify air purifier is designed to give you a health-safe home around the clock. Here are three examples of areas of use.

The bedroom

Purfiy air purifiers give you constant protection against the home’s airborne health culprits. Now you can sleep worry-free, knowing that the ones you love have an extra defense against common health problems.

The living room

Harmful chemicals constantly leak from materials and products in the room where you spend most of your waking hours. Safeguard your everyday health with the Purify air purifier and protect your loved ones, completely automatically.

The cellar

Are you worried about the harmful effects of invisible mold toxins on your family or are you bothered by musty air? Purify air cleaner breaks down mold spores in real time – and neutralizes basement odors in no time.

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Vi anser att en renad miljö är mer än ren luft, rena ytor och föremål. Den förändrar din livskvalitet.